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Five Things I've Learnt in Becoming a Celebrant

Five things I’ve learned in becoming a Celebrant 

There’s so much choice! This is the first, and most amazing thing, about a Celebrant-led service. It really gives you infinite choice; location, time of day, number of guests, theme... the options are endless. Unlike either a Religious service or a Civil Ceremony with a Registrar - where you’re restricted by their timetable, capacity and strict "no religious or spiritual references" rule - a Celebrant-led service can literally take place any time, any where (COVID regulations permitting, of course!).  It’s the ultimate vehicle for a completely unique and personal day. 

Not everyone wants the “Love Story” included in their wedding service. Admittedly this will often be a key part of a personalised service but not everyone wants their Love Story included. This doesn’t mean that the role the Celebrant plays is any less important however. It’s likely that in place of the Love Story, a couple will have a beautiful, visual, symbolic ritual or want a quirkier element with a group song or communal vow. Even a short, simple service can still be absolutely stunning with a Celebrant creating and delivering it for you. 

It really is all about the individuals. The most time consuming part of the role of a Celebrant will be writing and crafting the ceremony - taking far longer than the actual delivery of it will. This is because it is so important to capture, in words, the essence of a person or a couple. Going back over sentences or turns of phrase to be absolutely sure it aligns with the message and tone of the service, which in turns reflects the individuals involved. No fill-the-blank templates or 'copy and paste' services here! 

Rituals can be visually stunning. Before training I had very little knowledge of any symbolic rituals and naively assumed most were applicable only in Pagan type ceremonies. In fact, rituals in a service can create stunning visuals (and great photo opportunities) and a beautiful display of the nature of the ceremony. Some of the most common symbolic rituals include sand ceremonies, hand fasting and unity candles but really anything you like can be included! This can be something something completely unique and it’s really nice to take the time to think about something that is personal to you. 

Celebrating life is deeply satisfying for the soul. It’s so easy to get caught up in daily battles and stresses; get bogged down and not take the time to pause, reflect and appreciate all that we have in our lives. The beauty of life’s rites of passage and traditions that surround them is that they encourage and enable us to. There is real joy in a ceremony where a shift in mood and pace in palpable; you feel everyone slow down and appreciate and revel in the moment. 

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