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Wedding, Engagement, Vow Renewal, Commitment Ceremony

I can craft and deliver your whole service with you; from the arrival of your guests leading into your Reception and everything in between. I can advise on Readings, Music, Symbolic Rituals and every other aspect of the service. I will meet with you prior to - and be in contact all the way up to - your special day. I will learn all about you as a couple to ensure that your service is completely unique and personal to you, reflecting your personalities and values. 

Wedding and Commitment Services are priced at £650

Engagement and Vow Renewal Services are priced at £500

We Do
Flowers Candles Funeral


Burial, Cremation, Scattering of Ashes, Memorial

I know that it is so important to say goodbye to your loved ones in the most personal and special way. I can create for you a beautiful service, to be remembered and cherished for years to come. Let's celebrate their life!

I will meet with you prior to the service to learn as much as possible about your loved one and their life to ensure that the service will capture the essence of that person.

Funeral Services are priced at £250


Baby Naming, Adoption, Family Blending, Divorce

There's nothing more special than gathering with your friends and family to celebrate momentous life events. Whatever it is you wish to celebrate I will meet with you to discuss your ideas and hopes for the day and create a beautiful ceremony for you.

Pricing starts at £350 and is dependant on requirements.

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